Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Use SGI XFS on linux for database file > 2G
Author Paul Reeves
Marius Popa wrote:
> so this is what i understand if i want to use 1terabyte db i need
> an processor that can handle with 64 bit pointers (like
> itanium or the next x86-64) ?

Not really. Firebird already supports database sizes of approx 1 Terabyte across
all platforms. However, this is only achieved by using multiple files. ie,
Firebird sees a single database, but the database itself is made of multiple

The 64 bit I/O that is being introduced to Firebird is not at all related to 64
bit processors. 32 bit processors will support 64-bit file I/O. The problems
that exist Firebird on 32 bit operating systems are a result of a) 32 bit file
i/o at the O/S level and b) 32 bit file i/o at the Firebird level. The latter is
in the course of being resolved. The former is in the lap of your chosen O/S


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further