Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Firebird and java XA transaction support questions
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 02:12 PM 5/22/2001 -0400, David Jencks wrote:

>1. Is it possible to do work on the same transaction, in one db, through
>more than one connection/dbhandle?

No. There's a way to reattach to a transaction in limbo, but the
reattach is limited to commit or rollback - no data actions allowed.

>If not, how hard is this to implement?

Probably hard.

>2. Is it possible to add dbs to a transaction that is started but not yet

No, but the application can handle two separate transactions as if they
were one, calling prepare on each, then, if that succeeds, commit on each.

>( I know this is a little like read committed transaction
>isolation, but the java xa stuff only supports adding resources one at a
>time to a transaction, not all at once like isc_start_transaction and
>isc_start_multiple). Again, if not, how hard is this to implement?

Probably hard.

>2.5 With a multi-db transaction, can you call commit on a different
>connection/db handle than you started the transaction on?

Only if you're reattaching to a limbo transaction.

>3. Am I correct in thinking that isc_prepare_transaction2 will allow me to
>store an externally generated xid for use in recovery?



We have answers.