Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: SQL names for user and role
Author Larry Carter

--- Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 01:50 PM 25-04-01 -0700, you wrote:


> Don't be too hard on yourself! There is a world
> shortage of wet fish.

I was joking about the fish thing. I wouldnt want to
get the Sierra Club pissed at me or anything! ;-)
Besides, I didn't *specify* a wet one neccessarilly

> This bit o' documentation is really screaming to be
> done. If you are happy with the standard rate of
> emolument, then you've got the job!

Uh... Documentation. You just lost me. What bit o'
documentation are you refering to? Im afraid I have
no idea what "emolument" means and I don't have a
dictionary handy (can't find it).

And a Job you say? WOO HOO! Once I know what it is
your talking about job wise, I will probably do it
just because this is thread has gotten funner. ;-)

Seriously, I would be happy to work on something that
needs to be done (i.e. screams for it). I think you
may have missed the post that my "fish" post was in
relationship to. I had replied to my own post
regarding Directory Services and their possible
utilization within the security structure of Firebird.
It was on that topic that I had requested comments
particularly relating to wether I should try to do
some work in this area.

I would still like some feedback on that if possible
but I am definatly all ears to this documentation
requirment, so please fill me in a little bit more so
that I don't feel compeletly lost and I will see if I
can help there as well.

> May I suggest connecting with Joseph Alba
> <jalba@...> (Firebird user doc coordinator)
> to let him know your plans? I'd like to have it for
> ReallyUseful and also to augment The Sum Of All
> Knowledge that is currently being amassed in the
> truck for the might also like to hook up
> with other documenters in
> Firebird-docs@....

I have not visited the IBDI sight for quite awhile as
it seems every time I get the urge to use it, its
down! :-( But no sweat I will look at those sections
to at least get aquanted with them. I had planned on
joining the docs list anyway though I was inteding on
only lurking. I do believe in documentation and would
be willing to help on it, I just don't really think
that I have a lot of "mad skillz" in that department.


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