Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: SQL names for user and role
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:13 AM 26-04-01 -0700, Larry Carter wrote:

>I was joking about the fish thing. I wouldnt want to
>get the Sierra Club pissed at me or anything! ;-)
>Besides, I didn't *specify* a wet one neccessarilly
> > This bit o' documentation is really screaming to be
> > done. If you are happy with the standard rate of
> > emolument, then you've got the job!
>Uh... Documentation. You just lost me.

Oohh, my turn to succumb to the fish-slapper - I thought you were volunteering to write a spec for schema-controlled security - I re-read it at slower speed and I *think* after all you are going to do the coding...yes?

>What bit o'
>documentation are you refering to? Im afraid I have
>no idea what "emolument" means and I don't have a
>dictionary handy (can't find it).

It means "pay in return for labour".

>I have not visited the IBDI sight for quite awhile as
>it seems every time I get the urge to use it, its
>down! :-(

Just two urges in six months? Oh dear...

>I do believe in documentation and would
>be willing to help on it, I just don't really think
>that I have a lot of "mad skillz" in that department.

Repeat, you are too hard on yourself.

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