Subject JAVA-netfrastructure and scalable architecture
Author marius popa
i want to know
how complex the udf in java will be
in the next release of the ib7.x
and what is the status of the
increasing connections number for firebird..
in oracle if the system is crashing you can
go back in the past to the time before
the event ...(read it in some book )
well i ask this because i need to use ib
in a web project (perl,jsp ...)
so my life depends on it so how much do i have to trust
i know some people with big problems when the
tables reach 1milion barier (fire barier)
because i have some blobs there
realy love ib but i read that the majority of sites
use mysql not because is good or beautiful (real time db)
but for nr of connections and huge table capacity
thouse are my big needs for the future the *bird
i know that jim is working on netfrastructure
but don't know if it will be (h)ope(i)n source
after the processors reach 10 ghz barier don't think
that java will be slow so it is good the ideea with
java udf's realy like it ...
after all of this

Jim Morrison
said Common baby put my Fire(Bird)

My english is bad realy bad ....:o(