Subject Re: [IB-Architect] JAVA-netfrastructure and scalable architecture
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Thu, 22 Mar 2001 20:37:20 +0200, marius popa wrote:

Before Helen target her phasers in me, I say to you that this
IS NOT A SUPPORT GROUP (sorry). Look for Ib-Suppor group or, if the search
engine fool you, ask here and we'll send the subscribe address.
This said, let's rock...

>i want to know
>how complex the udf in java will be
>in the next release of the ib7.x

AFAIK, Java UDFs is a idea of Jim Starkey, but since I don't
read the development mailing list, I have no idea if it is a pro-
ject running and if will release something to IB 7.
Search on how to get this info
on development mailing lists.

>and what is the status of the
>increasing connections number for firebird..

I heard the largest C/S app knew to the moment is something
like 600 concurrent connections on the same server.
Webapps normally have a connection lifetime very shorter than
normal C/S application. So,
with 600 concurrent connections you can do much more than
this. A connection (considering a connection pooling capable
server and app) can easily multiply it to 3 or 4 times. This is a
rather poor estimative, anyway - it could be much more.

>in oracle if the system is crashing you can
>go back in the past to the time before
>the event ...(read it in some book )

Transaction logs... Not build on engine, but available on third-party
products. See or for
links on third-party tools.

>well i ask this because i need to use ib
>in a web project (perl,jsp ...)
>so my life depends on it so how much do i have to trust
>i know some people with big problems when the
>tables reach 1milion barier (fire barier)

1 million? No. This is not a "table barrier", it was discussed
A LOT on Mers and IB-Support also. Synthesis of the opera:
db files larger than 2Gb must be partitioned to Firebird work
ok There are a bug on IB that makes 2Gb the safe limit FOR FILE.
Since you can have 65536 of these files... See if the firebird
development leaders if they corrected THIS. Ib-Support group
would be a nice place to ask. Anyone can confirm this?
Multi-file databases are explained very detailed in documentation.

>because i have some blobs there

Except very little blobs, they are not stored on the table pages -
they heve it's own pages. Not a problem - and no need to have
a separite table for the blobs (as in MSSQL).

>realy love ib but i read that the majority of sites
>use mysql not because is good or beautiful (real time db)
>but for nr of connections

A connection pooling mechanism can multiply the number of
connections available.

>and huge table capacity

4.3 billion (2^32) rows is enough for you?

>thouse are my big needs for the future the *bird
>i know that jim is working on netfrastructure
>but don't know if it will be (h)ope(i)n source

Netfras*.* is Jim personal project. He seems to
want to make Firebird follow the right steps of

>after the processors reach 10 ghz barier don't think
>that java will be slow so it is good the ideea with
>java udf's realy like it ...

In servers, it's ok... Embedded on another apps.... hmmmm...
(For me... not a good thing... Anyway...if it's more reliable than
the actual scheme it will be not a problem...)

[]s Fabricio
Systems Developer