Subject Changes in Borland interbase source tree
Author Mark O'Donohue

Borland have made some changes to their tree recently, Im not sure how
widely these are known, since I've been tied up a bit and haven;t
followed exactly the newsgroups.

Here is a diff file of the changes that have been made in the InterBase
tree in the couple of months.
(watch out for word wrap)

I'll have a detailed look sometime soon and apply changes as needed to
the firebird tree at some time in the near future -- course if someone
wants something to do, Im quite happy if someone else does it ;-).

At the moment the messages from Borland about open source support are a
bit mixed and confusing (maybe I'm simple, or maybe it's becuase they
don't say much), but it's nice to see that they are still participating
at least to some extent.



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