Subject Re: [IB-Architect] OT: IB6 readiness...opinions solicited
Author Willi Krenn
From: "Phil Shrimpton" <phil@...>
> > From: Rob Schuff
> Hi,
> > Just how ready is IB6 for production?
> IMHO very ready, I have been using it since the first beta about a year ago,
> and it is at least as stable/solid as 5.6

Hm, I cannot agree with this completely...

*) backup-restore are not that stable as in 5.6 (backed a DB with 6.0 -
everytime restore began to write the Domains the server crashed; Then I backed
up the DB with 5.6 and restored it... Restore went fine now)

*) The InterbaseClient has a big problem with the local-protocol and multiple
simultanous (threaded) connections!
(No access violation, no exception, no nothing - seems to be some kind of
deadlock IMO..)

*) IBConsole is pre-Beta..

I would stay with 5.6 if 6.0 wasn't free :-)