Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IB6 ODBC Driver
Author Olivier Mascia
We're working on a native ASP connection to IB 6, here.
It's plain alpha for now, still on the design board for some details even.
We should be able to open-source it in september, when a beta status will be

By 'native ASP' connection what do we mean ?
Simply a set of COM components providing an interface to IB 6 as direct as
possible. So you can't code your ASP pages through ADO/ODBC. You code your
pages through COM objects that allow you to connect, handle transactions,
submit statements, fetch results, and so on. You can also work with blobs
mainly for image display directly from the database.

For now, we have a test site with a transitional solution. It's ASP based
and uses business COM objects that give life to the pages. Those objects do
talk at the API level to IB6 but also implemented some of our application

As this application logic is thin, we thinked of removing it completely from
the COM objects, and result in a set of objects dealing only with the
Interbase interface itself, and shift back the rest of the application code
in the ASP pages. We're building it on top of a small C++ class library we
wrote to access IB6. This class library is open-sourced since some days.
It's name is 'IBPP', you will find it on When those COM
objetcs for access to IB will be ready, we will open-source them there also,
as a working sample of how programming can be done through IBPP.

It may come too late for you, or be good news, I do not know.
But despite the neverending storm around Interbase those last monthes, some
projects are being built around IB 6 OpenSource. And that is positive, I

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> > >I think they were hoping to make money from an IPO or something.
> Whatever they think, they need to solve this problem , or make it solved
> they want their product to be used.
> Is there any alternative way to connect to IB6 from an ASP application?
> Because I can't throw away our running asp application just for upgrading
> and I think many people is in my situtation.
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