Subject RE: [IB-Architect] IB6 ODBC Driver
Author Phil Shrimpton
> From: Arda Tunccekic [mailto:arda@...]


> Whatever they think, they need to solve this problem , or make it
> solved if
> they want their product to be used.
> Is there any alternative way to connect to IB6 from an ASP application?
> Because I can't throw away our running asp application just for upgrading
> and I think many people is in my situtation.

There is a commercial third party, EasySoft (
that have a working ODBC driver for IB 6 Dialect 3, they stopped developing
it when the 'fiasco' happened, but after seeing the demand, they finished it

They are thinking about releasing a beta version whilst they decide what
licence to release it under.

I have used one of their ODBC drivers (for RMS files) before and found them
technically excellent and superb performance (all they do is ODBC), but it
was very expensive (£10K ??), but RMS ODBC drivers are a specialist market.
I get the impression that they plan to release the IB version at very lost
cost, due to the potential demand.

I quote their last message from interbase.public.general...

> What would be usefull is a list of what people want to do with the
> driver, I have it linking to, and working under unixODBC. It
> works with Applixware and Staroffice, but it would be nice to see what
> other people are doing with it and on what platforms.
> My thoughts was to get a beta out for people to play with on Linux,
> while we work out what sort of licence it will be done under.
> --
> Nick Gorham
> Easysoft Ltd