Subject RE: [IB-Architect] PostgreSQL 7 benchmark
Author Bill King
for anyone serious on getting a decent benchmark of ib v psql v mysql,
there's a component set call zeosdbo that does the three engines using the
same set of components (almost the same components, as they're all based
upone the same base class).

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> > >Lets try a benchmark with Interbase coupled with IBO, and watch it blow
> the
> > >doors off of Postgres. I don't care if its not an "apples to apples"
> > >comparison or not. Its how the DB is being used in the real world.
> >
> > Unfortunately in the real world ODBC/ADO is king. Crystal reports, ASP,
> > cold fusion, ms-access, excell etc all play a major role in how the
> > database is being used. In the embedded apps it's not so important but
> > trust me you'll want to say you can connect your data to ms-office.
> Not really what I meant. I guess what I meant, is that IBO is probably the
> "fastest" way to get Interbase to run. Even though Postgres was tested
> "independantly", don't think for a second that it was not set up under the
> best possible operation conditions. We need to do the same.
> We all keep saying that all people look at is speed. They don't
> look at the
> underlying reasons, or the other features. Well then, fight fire
> with fire.
> Do a test with Interbase on a SINGLE processor, with affinity set
> property,
> use IBO, optimized query plans, etc... Don't let Postgress run on
> multi-processors. Don't bother optimizing it. Just plug it in and
> let it go,
> because undoubtedlly, that is what this "independant" lab did to Interbase
> and the rest of the competition. I guarantee Interbase will come
> out ahead.
> Paul Gallagher
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