Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Killing Interbase?
Author Dalton Calford
The potential buyer was not ORCL unless there were multiple offers.

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Jim Douglas wrote:

> I have been asking around and have was told that someone made an offer to
> buy Inprise last December which was voted down by the BOD and it makes me
> wonder if the potential buyer may have been ORCL. If it was then it makes
> sense as to why there may have been a plan to kill Interbase, I'm sure
> Oracle would have loved to.
> If it was Oracle we will never know because of a non-disclosure agreement
> and if so, Inprise has there hands tied because they can't say anything.
> As posted on, I just cannot believe Inprise they had a
> plan to 'sunset' Interbase and ORCL's involvement is one way of making sense
> of it. That combined with the fact that Inprise has embraced
> open-standards, cross-platform strategy lead me to believe there was no
> intention 'sunset' Interbase, it was the potential suitors.
> -Jim