Subject Re: Is it _really_ necessary to expose the
Author Solon Edmunds
First - I don't post often, I consider myself a lurker, still learning if
you like.. this is only 0.2c
But I just had to say something about this latest thread!

First the $ alias thing - having the $ is great, not having it leads to
ambiguity in your code as to what was meant, right?
And what disadvantage would we trade for that ?10ms? performance hit, that
many people (wouldn't you rather use an alias?) will use most of the time?

Second - my take on the implementation options -

1) Windows registry.
NO - platform specific while most/many people will use Linux or Solaris

2) ibconfig.
hmm. good except, as Bill said, no read security

3) LDAP server.
The pros/cons of LDAP failed to mention that this is only an enterprise
level solution, and many many developers will not have a directory server!!!
(Feedback please - Is this correct)

4) more ideas.. maybe a seperate store.. that gets installed with ibconfig
or as add on download for existing installations..

the idea of using more than one implementation, dns style, in order is good,
but if i've got a choice installing a LDAP server (ie no option at all for
many developers) or exposing my private paths, i'll hard code the string and
be done with it!