Subject Open Source and support
Author Ann Harrison
I want to see InterBase (tm) succeed, not only as
an open source project, but also as a reliable,
cross-platform database for which users can get
top-quality support and new releases that address
their needs. I believe firmly in Open Source as
the model for software development and distribution
in the coming decade. The products that succeed,
however, require infrastructure (i.e. people,
equipment, high speed lines, etc.) Successful
Open Source products must appeal to commercial
software developers, people who want a tool to
do a job - not a kit for making tools.

To that end, I'm trying to build a business
around InterBase. The first step is to determine
whether there is a business - no venture angel
is going to jump in and give us the money to
start marketing in hopes that we'll sell support
contracts sometime maybe. We need proof of
concept, now.

Starting an organization that can provide excellent
support and leadership in product development will
not be cheap and I will not start unless I believe
it can succeed. We are looking for a total of
$500K (US) in contracts - not purchase orders, but
a commitment that if the number is reached so we
can promise you the services, that you are in the
market for services.

Sorry to be so blunt - and for the cross-post,

Best regards,