Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Is it _really_ necessary to expose the location of the database file?
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:24 PM 08-08-00 +0200, you wrote:

>2b) you are exposing the .gdb file - people would be able to copy it, lock
>it , whatever with dos and windows programs on the client (it will cause
>trouble one day)
>4) you have to be sure that all clients have a shared drive, and that this
>drive is used in your programs.(users will reassing drives, delete them,
>whatever and your program will crash, and you will spend time figuring out
>what went wrong)

Still, at least we could claim that it shared THAT functionality with
Access and SQL Server. <ducks>

"Ask not what your free, open-source database can do for you,
but what you can do for your free, open-source database."