Subject Re: Is it _really_ necessary to expose the location of the database file?
Author Dennis Fantoni
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I Agree 100% on this one. It is keeping me from changing names on my
databasefiles bc i would have to update all the clients, which should not be

Someone with time to spare might look into some kind of alias system. It
could be implemented as some kind of parser method that recreates the path
from the connectstring. if a client connects with a string like
servername:aliasname (no drive at the start, exact syntax to be discussed)
the new feature should figure out that an alias is being specified, and look
up the physical path from an alias list. The physical connect string could
then be sent to the old server code that connects to the database file. A
small API should then be developed. add alias, remove alias, alter alias,
and get all aliases. Someone then should make a cmdline app. to do these
changes, and someone might do a gui app too. I am currently only fluent in
Delphi, so i can't really do any programming besideds a windows gui.


> Thanks for the reply Claudio. I was not talking about a remote share to
the database file. What I
> meant was that the client connection string includes information that
should be private to the
> server. For example, I have a test database which is located at
c:\ib\test01.gdb (on the [NT]
> server). I would expect to be able to configure an alias for this
database, on the server, say
> "mytest". The connection string would then look something like:
> testserver:mytest
> If I later wanted to change the actual location of test01.gdb, then I
could do so, change the
> details of the alias on the server, and no client configuration
information would need to be
> changed.
> At the moment, unless I have missed something, the connection string is:
> testserver:c:\ib\test01.gdb
> which means that the actual location of the database file is configured
both at the server and in
> each client.
> Unless I have missed something obvious, if the actual location of the
database file changes, you
> have to change all the client configurations (notwithstanding file
aliasing using links, etc, which
> is a file system work-around to the problem).

Dennis Fantoni
Senior developer (Delphi interbase ) at Danasoft A/S -

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