Subject sql parser that was actually helpful, and saved us a lot of time..
Author Dennis Fantoni
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A "shoot'n from the belt" idea to see what people think....

Perhaps we could get the parser to recognise these constructs and educate
the user / developer in the same sort of way that Perl does with warnings
and errors.

In this case the exception thrown could include the string of a repaired
statement (because that would be easy) and refer to the SQL standard that is
being broken.

In more complex cases it could just point in the right direction picking up
common standard breaches and offering suggestions. Perhaps links to further
discussion about porting issues on the web. In some cases you might have to
set the source SQL type (eg MS SQL Server 7) in order to get sensible help.

The goal would be to make Interbase the easiest database to port to from all
the major market share DB's open and closed (MySQL, Access, SQL Server,

Actually thinking about using the web we could actually build the reposotory
of knowledge on a web accessible server and allow a setting where the SQL is
sent/pasted there for analysis. This would prevent the pollution of the
local engine and simplify the updating of this feature as more rules are




wow! *THAT* would be extremely useful and a very, very nice feature. If it
is done the right way, the system should be updateable w/o having to change
the sourcecode itself. some kind of setup files ought to be enough. do we
have a really bright parser guru in the community?

Dennis Fantoni
Senior developer (Delphi interbase ) at Danasoft A/S -

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