Subject Re: [IB-Architect] CVS home [was: 64 Bit Integers]
Author Mike Nordell
rschieck wrote:
> 1) I believe it is unfair to put Chris in the situation of making
> decisions for Borland that he does not have responsibility for...

I certainly didn't want give the impression of trying to hold anyone
personally responsible. It may be that my english vocabulary isn't large
enough, my grammar may be bad, or any other reson, but this was never my
intention. If Chris also got, or gets, the same impression you did, I hope
he also gets to read this as to understand that nothing I wrote was directed
at him *personally*.

> Ted Shelton is the one you should be talking to. Ted asked for
> feedback on the location of the CVS archives, is it safe to assume
> you respond to him?

Actually, no. At that time I was just struggling to get a hold of where to
discuss what matters.
I read his post, but as I was new to this community I didn't think it was
appropriate for me to give a response. Maybe I was wrong.

> 2) Since we are having a vote and NewCo has two archives, InterBase has
> one, I think that the original archive mine should be included in this
> vote<g>. After all Firebird is a copy of mine and and Firebird Ashes is
> a messed up copy of mine<vbg>.

As the chinese say - "May you live in interesting times". :-)

At the moment "Ashes" is not functional. But, the "Firebird" CVS is up (I've
been committing to it lately). We will ASAP be moving the CVS to the
Firebird Ashes project. Notice will follow.

If we by this is up for a vote, I'd at the moment vote for Source Forge. Not
because I'm involved in the Firebird project, it could actually be *any*
project at SF (except "Interbase" with its current administrator, otherwise
it would be the perfect place), but because SF holds all the needed
facilities (bugtracking, mailinglists, CVS, webspace, even a compile

/Mike Nordell

May your design be blessed, by the implementation of a developer.
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