Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Re: IB 6.1 Whish: boolean field
Author Ken Richard
Another reason for a boolean field is inability to use domains as variables
or stored procecure parameters. I understand why domains cannot be used
outside of table definition - applying check constraints to variables is a
problem. It would be nice to either use the domains as datatypes for
variables or have some additional data types.

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Subject: RE: [IB-Architect] Re: IB 6.1 Whish: boolean field

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> >create domain boolean as char(1) default 'F' not null check(value in
> >('F','T'))
> I know, but on the delphi side you cannot use a TBooleanField, but get a
> TSmallIntergerField, and thats needs some coding to work. (You
> cannot use a
> TDBCheckbox for example)
> Also, I find some strange behaviour in the default, I have to duck in it
> deeper te remember what it was.
> John

That's maybe because you are using TBDE descendants? In IBO, setting a
boolean field from a datatype is a snap.
Call me a show stopper if you want, but I wonder how can one make all people
agree on what's a boolean field. In a programming language, so simple. In a
database, it can be a char, an smallint, etc. Maybe we need to ask Diane in
the Mers list about the proposed SQL implementation, if such recommendation


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