Subject FireBird Ashes project at SourceForge
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi All

Just to short note to announce that we have started the firebirdashes
project off at sourceforge. Which has been populated from the source
files available from the web site.

Although SourceForge offer some fine facilities there are several
reasons why SourceForge may not be a suitable long term place for
Firebird (or insert name here) database (One of which is they are
a strong supporter of the MySQL database - although we could work
on that). As such this is expected to be an interum home for the
project, and its final resting place will be determined at a later

The project also has the support of NewCo many of whose members will be
participating in the actual development. And it is expected that the
changes make in this development source tree will be merged into
the production NewCo database after the application of suitable testing
and QA procedures.

Everyone is welcome to participate. The source is available for CVS
extraction, or online viewing of the CVS database and soon we expect
to have our first binary builds to available.

The current focus of changes in on getting standard automated and
simplified build procedures for each development platform and to focus
on quickly fixing any bugs that are found in the current version of the

To get involved with the project you need to contact either myself Mark
O'Donohue, Pavel Cisar or Mike Nordell. Through our contacts on the
FirebirdAshes web page at:

Although Pavel is probably the main man to see.

You can also keep posted of events at

As a final note:

In the true form of all computer projects, the firebirdashes web site is
yet complete and we will be temporarily working from the area. We expect to transfer
the CVS database to the forebirdashes project shortly.


Mark O'Donohue