Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IBX garant
Author Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
John Huntjens wrote:
> >> This meens IMO that the profecy I made 2 hours ago is already forfilled:
> By
> >> making it open source Borland will not do any devellopment on IBX. So I
> >> wonder: what about Kylix and D6, what kind of IBX will they have.
> >>
> >
> >Absolutely incorrect. IBX is still being enhanced. It is going to be in
> Kylix,
> >and it will be in D6 and BCB6.
> How can that be ?

The situation has not changed. IBX was always going to be open sourced along
with Interbase.

> Will borland, a few day before release of Kylix / D6 ,
> download the latest IBX version, and put that one on the CD to distribute?

No, IBX is part of the beta tests for both products and will ship in the IDE,
not as a companion CD type of thing.

> What about testing ?

Like I said it is part of the beta test for all the products.

> Will Borland contribute to the IBX community, or develloping there own
> version of IBX for Kylix ?

Changes to IBX for the products will be uploaded to the CVS for Interbase. I
will have check in rights on the Borland CVS and I have check in rights to

> And what if there is no client library, or an incompatible, for Linux, who's
> gonna put that in IBX ?

There is a client for Linux. I don't know what you are asking here. You
have the source for IBX so if you have built a custom you can build a
custom IBX for Kylix.

> Will there be a client library for Linux ?

If you mean a, yes there will.

> This means that there is no version control, and that its practicly
> impossible to contribute to the source. And what if you get a car-accident
> this evening ?

You are assuming that I am not version controlling this with Borland. Also that
there are no CVS updates too.

Absolutely nothing has changed concerning IBX in the past 4 months. The
situation is identical to what it was back in April in all aspects except I am
not contracted by the NewCo to continue development.

> John

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