Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IBX garant
Author John Huntjens
>> This meens IMO that the profecy I made 2 hours ago is already forfilled:
>> making it open source Borland will not do any devellopment on IBX. So I
>> wonder: what about Kylix and D6, what kind of IBX will they have.
>Absolutely incorrect. IBX is still being enhanced. It is going to be in
>and it will be in D6 and BCB6.

How can that be ? Will borland, a few day before release of Kylix / D6 ,
download the latest IBX version, and put that one on the CD to distribute?
What about testing ?
Will Borland contribute to the IBX community, or develloping there own
version of IBX for Kylix ?
And what if there is no client library, or an incompatible, for Linux, who's
gonna put that in IBX ?
Will there be a client library for Linux ?

>> Also, how to deal with contributions to the source ?
>At this time contributions go through me.

This means that there is no version control, and that its practicly
impossible to contribute to the source. And what if you get a car-accident
this evening ?


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