Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IBX garant
Author Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
John Huntjens wrote:
> >The 4.2 upgrade patch was released before the open source. Here is the
> Open
> >source header.
> Thanks Jeff, for correcting me.
> This meens IMO that the profecy I made 2 hours ago is already forfilled: By
> making it open source Borland will not do any devellopment on IBX. So I
> wonder: what about Kylix and D6, what kind of IBX will they have.

Absolutely incorrect. IBX is still being enhanced. It is going to be in Kylix,
and it will be in D6 and BCB6.

> Also, how to deal with contributions to the source ?

At this time contributions go through me. I prefer discussions to be over on
the borladn.public.delphi.database.interbaseexpress since I read all messages
there already.

> John

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