Subject Creating a case-insensitive collation set
Author John Lim
Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the interbase 6 source code and am interested in
creating a case-insensitive collation set for Latin-1. Somebody
mentioned in another newsgroup (i think it was Claudio) that someone
else is doing it, but I see no signs of this!

My general plan is to modify the collation tables to make A == a. It
appears that I have to change the tertiary sort order which seems
simple enough.

My problems are

1. how to compile and generate a new gdsintl2 shared library?

There is an article posted in about, but I
cannot find any stuff on this in the interbase/intl directory. There
is no mention of "gdsintl2" in that directory.

2. And what the new character set id should be?

I am thinking of using 121 as the CHARACTER_SET_ID because 21 is
ISO8859_1. Is there any standardisation of numbers to use?