Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Win16
Author Paul Beach
I am not so sure that you want to ditch Win16 per se.... this build was
somewhat different to all the other variations, as it essentially consisted
of a single user cut down version of InterBase that would run in a 64k as an
in memory dll. Although keeping a 16bit Windows version doesn't make sense,
bringing it upto date for 32bit operating environments would. I can think of
a lot of embedded devices out there that could make use of an in memory
single user database dll, that uses less than 1MB of memory, and provides
this sort of functionality.

Before resigning as InterBase GM, I had one of the engineers looking at this
as an internal project, nothing came of it, but there certainly was interest
in it.

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Subject: [IB-Architect] Win16

> If we were to ditch Win16 (which I think all want to do), would it be safe
> to say that all code within "WINDOWS_ONLY" and "HARBOR_MERGE" could be
> ditched?
> /Mike
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