Subject Coding and "test suite" [was: CVS guru?}
Mark O'Donohue wrote:

>For starters everyone is paranoid about the changes not being able to put through
>the test suite (mind you it's a good idea to be paranoid about).

Everyone? Paranoid? Test suite?

1. I'm doing surgery on the code right now to try to help it get to a
more decent state. When and where this gets committed is another
2. Since I'm doing this, I possibly can't be paranoid about point
3. As I understand it from other postings the "test suite" isn't
released in the deal to OS IB, why there *is* no "test suite". We have
to release that one ourselves. Lets put it under the GPL license so
that BorPrice can't (legaly) steal any work from it.

>I guess the InterClient stuff will be where most people want to make immediate

Perhaps, but I'm not one of'em. The IB server is the basis of this,
and that one is IMO desperately seeking a cleanup, and for the moment
my primary concerns is the server. But I think it's good this is a
rather large community (if we just could drop the politics) since then
it wouldn't be any problem to get volounteers for neither the server
cleanup nor the InterClient stuff.

Btw, IIRC I read somewhere that InterClient is only needed if your
gonna access IB remote from JAVA. Is that so?

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