Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Warning!!! Bugs, Support... addition
Author David R. Robinson
>> the bad news that msvcrt.dll in IB6 distributive is TOO OLD, much older
than msvcrt on my system (02/02/1999), but dated as NEWER, i.e. 06/23/2000.

I'm not sure who will use this info., but this is something that needs to be
checked for the next "official" build. Do not set the date/time stamp on
any files that belong to MS (DLLs, etc.). You should only set the date/time
stamp on files that you created. Also, unless a file is actually newer,
IMHO, it is best not to update the date/time stamp--this way people know it
hasn't been updated because it has an old date. For people like me that use
WISE, if we can look at the date/time stamps to tell what's been updated,
that makes it a lot easier to update our installer.

David R.

P.S. I'm working on updating our IB 6.0 beta WISE script to use the
shipping binaries. I hope to post it to Code Central soon. I'll be out
next week though, so if I don't get it done by Friday, it will be a few more
weeks. Once it's ready I'll also send a copy to the product manager at WISE
(I met her at BorCon) and strongly encourage them to start shipping it with

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