Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Warning!!! Bugs, Support... addition
Author Olivier Mascia
>Apparently it is a known bug in the Win2K Installer. The fix for it is in
>the latest Visual Studio "patch" which is NBG if you aren't running Visual
>Win2K SP 1 is out now - it's probably there too but don't hold your breath.

Yes Helen, but as far as I understand, that bug is the one that let the
replacement happen (A). The basic bug (B) -- attempting the replacement --
is not on Microsoft side as far as I know, but on the Interbase installer
side. In the absence of (B), (A) would have no impact.

When I was victim of that MSVCRT.DLL replacement some time ago, I
investigated and wrote a tiny setup with InstallShield 6 to test it. It
didn't happen. InstallShield did not attempt the replacement, and all was
fine, bug or not in Windows 2000.

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