Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Warning!!! Bugs, Support... addition
Author Maxim Sinev
> Did you your server fixed?
Yes, just overwrite booting from next linux partition ;)
> The only way I could get it fixed was to boot to a dos prompt and copy a
> good version of the file over the bad one.
There is a problem - There is no dos in windows nt/2000. ;)
The correct way for thouse OS is to put dlls new and old under correspondent
registry keys (Sorry I have not remember it, and my MSDN is in office (here
is 3am)) then it will be updated on reboot. There is a correspondent utility
from microsoft to do this operation (in resouce kit or so...).
> You have to do this because the
> OS loads the DLL when it boots so you can't rename it or overwrite it with
> newer version.

> FYI, I posted this on 12/7/99: ;-(
> David R.
Looks like you description is too complex for the installator team ;( Let's
don't give up We could try to explain it together (or design a new
installator :)

> "David R. Robinson" <drobinson@...> wrote in message news on:
> > Problem #1:
> >
> > I just got the Gold CD update. I had an existing Win2000 testing server
> > running IB 6 FT2, MS SQL 7, Oracle 8i, Sybase 11.9.2, and IIS.
> >
> > After installing the Gold version I discovered that the installer broke
> > msvcrt.dll by installing a VERY outdated version. It is apparently
> > installing version 5.00.7303. Note: You set the date of your source
> > msvcrt.dll file to 11/24/99. This isn't something that you should do
> > DLLs that you didn't create. Anyway, this causes MS SQL server and
> > to no longer load with an access violation in msvcrt.dll.
> >
> > This also happened with FT2, but I didn't realize at the time that it
> > the IB installer caused the problem. The ONLY way that I know of (since
> > have everything on one big NTFS partition) to fix the msvcrt.dll file
> (since
> > Windows uses it when Windows is running) is to reinstall Win2000.
> > On a side note, I though that Win2000 was supposed to have some things
> in
> > it to protect the core DLLs (I guess msvcrt isn't one of them).
> >
> > Apparently the installer has some problems figuring out what the version
> is
> > installed because on my NT 4 workstation install, it left the 6.00.8397
> > version of msvctr.dll alone and didn't downgrade it to a previous
> >
> > I'm in the process of reinstalling Win2000 now, so I can't get the
> > version and the msvcrt.dll version that Win2000 uses. Once I'm back up,
> > I'll post a reply to this thread.
> >
> > I know you don't/won't officially support Win2000 now, but Win2000 will
> ship
> > about the same time as IB 6 and if this problem exists, you'll get a ton
> of
> > support calls about this. This may also be a problem that is not
> > to Win2000.
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