Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase connection limit and SupportrelatedProblems
Author Andre Mostert
Jim there essentially two issues here (as far as our context goes)

a) Architectural - iow did the developers implementing the technology
b) Business - certain claims were made to us regarding connections and

Point A - I can assure you our software development partners are resolving
this issue.
Point B - All we're asking for is what we've paid for. Its in fact as simple
as that.

Picture the scene you purchase a automobile, and whilst selling it to you
enquire say about
certain safety features, which I assure (in writing) will in fact work.
Based on this you purchase the vehicle.
A few months later you have an accident and find that these safety features
dont work. You confront me and I tell you that you were stupid to have an
accident in the first place. Would you be just a little miffed.

Nobody here is trying to run the product down. We committed to Interbase,
trust me.

Regards Andre