Subject Re: [IB-Architect] RE: Interbase connection limit and Support related Problems
Author Steve Garland
<I think most of your problem is in the implementation of the middleware.

I had already posted some real life ASTA IBObjects Server statistics where
65 users using <5 Interbase connections doing about 90,000 queries a day at
a busy call center. I'd bet that that server can go well into the hundreds
and we have an ASTA Anchor Server that can Load Balance to extend that.

Anyone with a large enough network to test this we'd be happy to supply a
server and client test app that can throw queries against the server to see
how far it can scale.

The most expensive resource are database connections and ASTA has had
threaded pooled connections since ASTA 1 days. Midas sort of figured this
out in version 3 but is still saddled with COM.

Come to the Borland Conference and see ASTA Servers run natively on Linux
connecting to Interbase 6 on Linux.

<<. Suggestions Steve? Maybe a little
trip to South Africa perhaps.

Well ASTA already has some roots in South Africa as ASTA team Member Stephan
Marais smarais@... is from South African living in New York now and
we'd like to get him out here to Boise Idaho one day.

In fact, one of our new products to help in Replication and Syncronization
issues is called AstaPosBus thanks to Stephan's experience with Replication
in South Africa. So perhaps a field trip may be in order one day! When
Stephan came to Idaho to visit he remarked as to how simlar the landscape
looked to home.

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