Subject RE: [IB-Architect] RE: Interbase connection limit and Support related Problems
Author Phil Shrimpton
> From: Steve Garland [mailto:sgarland@...]


> Anyone with a large enough network to test this we'd be happy to supply a
> server and client test app that can throw queries against the
> server to see how far it can scale.

Just for your interest, we have been doing so trials on SUN/HP-UNIX boxes,
with an Oracle database, but Interbase would be the same, and Visibroker as
the middle tier. We simulated 250,000 concurrent connections (small, but
frequent queries) that used 250 connections to Oracle (we did not use any of
Oracle's connection polling, just 'normal' access. We stopped at 250,000
because we got bored, but it would have gone furthur. Admittedly, this test
was a bit false as we were simulating the client connections on the
middleware servers as we did not have 250,000 workstations to hand <g>. If
I have time, and nobody wants there servers back, I will try the same with