Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SQL Statement Depandance Mapping
Author Jim Starkey
At 03:30 PM 6/28/00 -0300, ala wrote:
>If this API call exists, some tools that displays query plans, can then
>display the query dependants. I don't know if this is very important, I
>never fell the necesity to use such a functionality, but I feel that
>this is not a lot of work (imho), is only a new API call based on
>existing query engine functionality. And this API call is similar to
>plan API call (imho).
>You have my vote for this new API call ;)

Guys, don't even think about it. The engine is the wrong place
for at least a million reasons. Believe me, parsing stuff is
simple and cheap. Pick a SQL parser from almost anywhere in
the product set and go at it. But, please, don't crud up the
engine with stuff that virtually nothing to do with its job.

Jim Starkey