Subject Re: [IB-Architect] SQL Statement Depandance Mapping
Author ala
> I'm not really interested in dependencies between objects with in the
> database (tables, SPs, etc). What I am interested in is the
> dependencies of
> embedded or dynamic SQL (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE). The query engine
> must
> discover these dependencies the first time the statement is prepared.
> The
> data from the query engine could be used to build dependency maps.

Take this as a workaround

Let DMLQ a DML query. (your query)
Let DMLQSP a SP with DMLQ, in this form:

Create Procedure DMLQSP

Now you can select the desired dependents from your DMLQ through
Select ... from rdb$dependents where = "DMLQSP"


So, I feel the query engine has all you need to discover dependents of a
DML query, but my workaround is not very "automatic" :(

So, there is a need for a new API call in order to the query engine
inform you the dependents, as much as the API call to retrieve the query

[I think query plan is very different to query dependents]

If this API call exists, some tools that displays query plans, can then
display the query dependants. I don't know if this is very important, I
never fell the necesity to use such a functionality, but I feel that
this is not a lot of work (imho), is only a new API call based on
existing query engine functionality. And this API call is similar to
plan API call (imho).

You have my vote for this new API call ;)


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