Subject User limits on different platforms
Author Vince Duggan
Hello all,

It has come to my attention that there are some 'hidden' limits on the
different platforms as far as total user connections are concerned.

This first came to light on Solaris, where due to an OS limit only about
250 concurrent connections can be serviced. This has been fixed to some
extent by the IB engineers (I am not sure if this partial fix has made
it into the final release code), but there is another limit at around
390 users.

On NT, there is also a limit of around 256 connections. Charlie Caro has
stated that this is due to the fact that IB only 'listens' to the last
256 sockets.

I am not sure if the NT limit and the Solaris limit are related in any
way. Perhaps Charlie can go into some detail here.

Is this limit present on Linux as well?

Perhaps we can get some comments from the list on how much effort should
be expended on getting this sorted out as soon after 6.0 has been
released as possible.



Vince Duggan
Synectics Software
Inprise C/S Business Partner
South Africa