Subject Re: [IB-Architect] plan of attack/plan for the future
Author Ann Harrison
At 02:26 AM 6/25/00 +1000, you wrote:
> has anyone decided upon the possible directions/goals that
>interbase(the engine) would be possibly pushed in and/or the possibility of
>a steering comittee for the furtherance of interbase(the engine)?

As you've heard, the engine is well looked after, with
Charlie Caro, the CTO of InterBase Software Corporation,
Jim Starkey, the BBW, Dave Schnepper, me, and others to
be named later. We are interested in discussion and open
(more or less) to new ideas, but the engine is an intricate
little beast and we want to see it strong and reliable.
What I mean to say is the engine steering committee is not
a democracy.

However, InterBase has a plethora of side projects. Each
of them needs a steering committee and when the code goes
out and people begin to show interest in various areas we
will set up those committees.