Subject RE: [IB-Architect] plan of attack/plan for the future
Author Ungod
heya jim, and heya helen. just so long as i know someones doing some
semblance of holding the reins, i've got a little more confidence that chaos
and anarchy are not waiting just round the corner (and i'm not going to
wander misguidedly into it, done it before, hated the results).

Ungod (W.King)
I found the answer, now where'd I put that problem...

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] plan of attack/plan for the future

At 02:51 AM 6/25/00 +1000, Helen Borrie wrote:
>Meet the Big Bad Wolf (
>The guy about halfway down with the square yellow head, Dave Schnepper, is
>the only one who's allowed to overwrite Wolfcode.

No, no, no! Neither Mr. Schneppter nor myself ("wolfie") are the final
arbiter of what is InterBase and what is not. We are merely the appeals
path from the profession developers at InterBase Software Corporation IV.
Charlie doesn't take orders from me!

Jim Starkey

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