Subject Error Listings.
Author Dalton Calford
I think that we have been getting ahead of ourselves for a bit. We are
asking and discussing new features for Interbase but, we still do not
have IB 6 in a stable form yet.

Have the currently known bugs been put into a place where we can review
Does the IBIV team have all the needed equipment to test IB6 and if not,
can you please post what you need so that if we can, we can help out.

Ann, could you please post to the list any jobs you have in your wish
list catagory that you can legally openly discuss before the source is
released so that those of us with time can help out?

Remember, programming is not the only skills that are available. Some
of us are business people, others are artists while still others have
some marketing/sales experience. If we are reading this list, that
usually means, we are more than willing to assist you were possible.