Author dcalford

Since I have had such a good response from people who want me to continue, I
will try my best to get the rest of the operational methods I have posted as
quickly as time allows.

What I ask is, PLEASE POST COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, INSULTS, you name it, I want
to hear it. What I am posting is over 5 years of experience and problem
solving combined with a year of intense application. I need all the proding I
can get to not only put forward the solutions, but also to put forward the
dead end paths that were taken and why they failed. I am also trying to
explain some approaches that are not intuitive to those who have not had the
same development cycles as I have had.

On another note, all the different items I am explaining here, although it
sounds complex, is actually quite simple to use and implement. (no one wants a
system that you need a full time staff to maintain). Even a small
application can be designed to use these methods to it's benefit. I will do
my best to put my own code up with extensive examples. I will assist anyone
who wants to build a few wizards for the implementation. So, even though you
think your app does not need this kind of design, please, review the code and
see if you can put the time in to create a series of small tools that will
help the community in general. The person you may be helping could be

Best regards