Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Joseph Alba
>I see my role as mentor to budding architects...

Exactly! I read somewhere that MS Bill chews heads off for breakfast.

A few months back, I read at the Linux list about a newbie contributing code
to Linux for the first time and nearly got his head chompped off by Linus.
But other Linux oldies held Linus T. back, and he took a second look, and
concluded that the newbie had something...

Like I told Jason, I believe that wolves belong to a breed. And honestly, I
am now more optimistic about IB, knowing that a true wolf leads the pack.
(Is it true though that crankiness comes with age too? Like male menopause?)

>It's not like we're trying
>to bring peace to the Balkans...

Haha! Right!

>So let's treat each other ideas and criticisms fairly. If somebody
>has taken the time to respond to a proposal, please consider the
>comments and respond appropriately. If somebody misunderstands
>your comments, maybe you weren't clear, maybe his perspective
>is different, and maybe you're just plain wrong. If you can't
>take the time to respond seriously, you'll never know which.

This is just a suggestion:

Why don't all the IB community agree that the Big Bad Wolf who lives in this
list should be granted the sole license to snarl and chew heads off because
he is THE WOLF of IB, and all progressive communities - by empirical
evidence - need a resident / leader wolf.

Joseph Alba