Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Wolves and IB-Architect
Author Ann Harrison
At 04:20 PM 6/19/00 -0400, Jim Starkey wrote:

>The checkin policy will be something like this:
> 1. InterBase employees will have checkin privilege.
> 2. I will have checkin privilege

Dave Schnepper will have checkin privilege.

> 3. Somebody without checkin privilege will need to convince
> somebody with it that a change has been appropriatedly
> reviewed and deemed Worthy.
> 4. Folks with an established track record for accepted
> changes will be given checkin privileges.
>InterBase Software Corporation does not have final say over what
>can or cannot be checked in by non-employees. An independent
>developer can either convince an InterBase engineer to checkin
>a patch or appeal to Architectural Review Board (which happens
>to be me, at least initially).

Patches are also circulated after checkin, and subject to
review at that point as well, so even someone with checkin
must suffer trial by fire.