Subject IB 6 Beta - cool story.
Author Greg Deatz
I just thought I'd share a neat story with everyone.

We currently have IB 5.5 on a Sun E250 with two 250 MHz CPUs, 1 GB of RAM, and
a crazy Ultra Fast SCSI RAID 0+1 array. Our database is about 2.7 GB big. On a
weekly basis we run a backup and restore (non-destructive) just to check if
our database is "still OK".

The restore of the database takes about 6-7 hours.

We recently installed IB 6 Beta on a Linux Box, with a 200 MHz Pentium Pro, an
IDE drive and 128 Mb RAM.

When we tried to restore the database, it ran without a hitch. [cool]

The kicker, though, is that it only took about 3 hours.

Wow. Half the time on a much more poorly equipped machine. I'm looking forward
to seeing how it performs on our Sun.

Good work guys.