Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Select procedures
Author Nando Dessena

> Please seriously consider IB_WISQL as a replacement to WISQL.
> If it doesn't have some things you want, lend me the sources to WISQL and
> I'll port them into IB_WISQL.
> I've been giving it away as total freeware so there are no issues with
> licensing to worry about.

I believe that a tool like WISQL has to be part of the InterBase Open
Source distribution.
IB_WISQL is not Open Source, AFAIK, and even if it were, an IBO license
would be needed to work on it.
I think that, _if_ the "official" component-based way to InterBase is
IBX, then those components should be used to build Delphi & C++B tools
that will be part of the product. I can see that there are areas where
they overlap with IBO (and where IBO is definately superior)...