Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Select procedures
Author Dan Palley
Crystal Reports allows you to call Select Stored Procedures via the ODBC
driver, but you can't do any joins to other tables or procedures.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 1:18 PM
Subject: [IB-Architect] Select procedures

Perhaps Helen will forgive me for using this list for self (sic) help,
but I need a clue.

What should the ODBC driver do about select procedures, particularly
since there doesn't appear to be any earthly way to tell them from
execute procedures. [One would be inclined to wonder why somebody
would design something like that, but my reputation is bad enough
already.] Does anybody know what other ODBC drivers do?

If anyone is currently using select procedures from an odbc program,
I would certainly like to hear about it.

Jim Starkey

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