Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Select procedures
Author Jim Starkey
At 03:04 AM 6/9/00 +1000, Helen Borrie wrote:
>At 10:32 AM 08-06-00 -0400, you wrote:
>>The design (not the concept) of the select form of the InterBase
>>stored procedures is, in my ever humble opinion, is complete crock.
>>It is, in fact, a computational form of a view and should have been
>>implemented under the aegis of the view mechanism. With named arguments
>>and appearing in rdb$relations, rdb$fields, and rdb$relation_fields
>>(and the respective ODBC/JDBC meta data calls) it would have been
>>easier to use, easier to implement, and much easier to wrap with
>>intelligent code.
>>It's not high on my list of priorities, but I would like to see a
>>view based mechanism defined and the current mechanism deprecated.
>>This will have to wait until after the great Java vs. embedded Pearl
>>vs. XML shootout.
>How would a view deal with a SP that does other stuff inside the loop (e.g.
>insert log records, update tables) as well as output a dataset?

It would have side effects just like the current thing does. Is this
a good idea? Worth discussing.

Jim Starkey