Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Fw: Mischievous SYSDBA
Author Ann Harrison
At 12:22 PM 5/25/00 -0400, Jim Starkey wrote:

>Given the code, it would be next to trivial to pass in an encryption
>key in the database parameter block used in the block read/write
>routines to encrypt the database. Perhaps a VAR might want to do
>that, even given the cpu hit that it's going to cost him. If the
>VAR makes the change to a private code base and distributes only
>the binaries, he's got a fighting chance that obscurity will prevail
>and his database will be secure from prying eyes (and third party
>tools, of course).

That would violate the IPL. Anyone who changes the code must
make the changes available for a reasonable copying cost.