Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Digest Number 78
Author Edward Flick
Are you just completely overlooking the fact that the
only way anyone has physical access to the database is
if you give them access priveleges to the drive
itself. If you don't give it to them, they can't open
it in notepad. You can restrict priveleges as much as
you want, accessing it over the Interbase server,
using views and grants sparingly.

Also if you are using Linux, you can create an
encrypted ext2 partition to put it on, but again,
thats only if you were giving people access to the
drive itself in the first place which would be a very,
very bad idea.

--- "Cardenas, Mike" <MCARDENAS@...> wrote:
> I have been reading the line on encryption, and
> cannot believe that it is
> thought to be unnecessary. We have a parts cross
> reference database and the
> interface to access it that we supply to customers.
> It allows our customers
> to enter competitors part numbers and find our
> corresponding number. We
> have spent over 2 years and a few thousand man hours
> compiling this data.
> We do not want people to be able to use notepad or
> some other third party
> software to easily STEAL this data. I was planning
> on moving the whole
> thing to IB6 since it would fit our needs almost
> perfectly, but without a
> method to protect the data, I do not think that this
> will be possible.
> Someone please come up with a viable solution.

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