Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Engineering project description
Ann Harrison wrote:
> Reed,
> Thanks for the warning. The BSD routines will be compiled and
> linked as part of the InterBase engine on Solaris. (Down group,
> this is not significant bloat.) Those handles never leave the
> engine.
What about the client shared lib ? The client gets to write to the
log file etc too...

> However, we do plan to document the ib_stdio.h and all its little
> pals so people writing UDF's can use it. UDF's that use buffered
> file I/O will fail in the same way as our internal fopens on
> Solaris with large numbers of users. That documentation should
> (must) include a warning not to pass an open file to a different
> process.
Important point: It need not be a different process. It can just
be a function in a library which accepts a FILE handle and passes
it to a regular RTL function. Thus any functions that takes a FILE *
argument is suspect unless you know it also uses BSD stream IO.

Or do the ib_ functions take and IB_FILE * ? that would seem to
make the whole problem irrelevent... Maybe thats what's already been
done ?
> Regards,
> Ann
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Reed Mideke