Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Engineering project description
Author Ann Harrison
At 04:28 AM 5/17/00 +0800, Joseph Alba wrote:
>Would this change then allow thousands of simultaneous connections, like
>Oracle boasts about?

No. Oracle has built connection pooling into the engine. This
change will allow InterBase to accept more connections than it
can handle gracefully. A well-designed InterBase application
can run with hundreds of connections, but 250 is a pretty good
limit for randomly hacked-together code.

>Maybe another way to solve the limited connections problem is through
>pooling, and background multiplexing of connections, so that even if you
>only have a limited number of actual sockets, you can accommodate tens of
>thousands transparently (because the server actually disconnects and
>reconnects long running connections and transactions in the background).

Yes, that's what Oracle does. So do all the middleware
packages I'm aware of, including the one abused by this
particular customer. Adding connection pooling to V6
was discussed and abandoned as high-risk. It's not a bad
idea - just ambitious.