Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Database names: Hair trigger
Author Adam Clarke
Apologies for the last post seems my e-mail proggy has a hair trigger :/

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From: "Bill Karwin" <bill@...>

> > I believe the sugestion Bill is making is not to remove the capacity to
> > this on a database by database basis but to ADD the capacity to define
> them
> > on a system wide level. Almost like inheritance.
> That is what I'm suggesting, but I wouldn't call it inheritance. It's
> merely like having an "INI" file that declares certain functions by
> each time you create a new database.

I didn't call it inheritance, I used an analogy. In any case I was thinking
of something a little more integrated. It seems to me that placing this
functionality in isql is limited as a complete solution. What if I have a
system that uses another method of creating a database (like with IBPerl?)
and I want to make sure that all database creations are given the same
default functionality?

For example in an ISP setting some users might greate their DB's using a
shell account with isql while some might use a web application. I'd rather
that Interbase know about my chosen defaults at a integrated level not
depending on which tool I choose to create a database.

Am I off the scent here?

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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Database names

> > Actually there are plenty of functions already natively included in
> > Interbase.
> Most of these are provided as UDFs and currently require declaration in
> database that uses the functions. Truly native functions that are
> recognized by the SQL parser and do not require external libraries are
> another discussion...
> I'll build this capability into my "" and see how people like it.
> :-)
> > In fact I would like to see
> > a capacity to group these function definitions into functional units and
> > then assign them to the system or a particular database depending on its
> > purpose. For example a financial reporting database might be allocated a
> set
> > of functions for handling quarters etc.
> With the "input functions.sql" method, you could for instance group
> of function declarations each into a separate file, e.g.
> "financefunctions.sql". This works with today's version of InterBase just
> fine.
> Bill Karwin
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